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Toontrack Keys & Strings EZkeys MIDI Pack Keys & Strings EZkeys MIDI was created with the Mellotoon, its rich palette of sounds and music history in mind. However, it works just as well with any instrument in the EZkeys Line. What sets it apart from some of the other packs in the line is that it comes with two separate but related sections in each song, one for keys and one for strings. The keys section is much like any traditional...
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Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon 15 individual instruments, all captured from the classic Mellotron keyboard heard on hits by anything from the Beatles to the Moody Blues and King Crimson.   EZkeys Mellotoon is based on the Mellotron keyboard introduced in the early 1960s. This unique instrument was the first of its kind to include samples of real instruments, but as opposed to the modern-day digital sampler, the Mellotron...
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Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon Sound Expansion PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST have EZkeys software registered and authorized in your Toontrack account in order to use this Sound Expansion Pack. This will NOT work on it's own.   15 individual instruments, all captured from the classic Mellotron keyboard heard on hits by anything from the Beatles to the Moody Blues and King Crimson.   EZkeys Mellotoon is based on the Mellotron...
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Waves Platinum Bundle Native Platinum is an extraordinary collection of signal processing tools. From dynamics, equalization, and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging, and beyond, Platinum is ideal for sound design, mixing, mastering, and more. Featuring all the plugins found in our Gold, Masters, and Renaissance Maxx bundles plus L3 Ultramaximizer, PuigTec EQP-1A, PuigTec MEQ-5, and more. Platinum is a powerful...
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Waves UM225 UM226 Native From music to movie soundtracks and beyond, audio engineers are upmixing all sorts of content from stereo to surround, to capture the excitement of today’s full, multispeaker environments. And when the original multi-track sessions aren’t available, they have to work with stereo mixes. That’s where the UM225 and UM226 stereo-to-surround plugins come in, bringing Waves quality to...
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Waves API 2500 Native The API 2500 is a versatile dynamics processor that lets you shape the punch and tone of mixes with absolute accuracy. Its dual channel design lets the 2500 also function as two separate mono channels via a single compression setting. Using auto-makeup gain, you can adjust Threshold or Ratio while automatically maintaining a constant output level. With both “feed back” and “feed...
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FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad Introducing an evolutionary leap in software synthesis technology. DCAM: Synth Squad finally delivers the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments in software! Advanced modelling technology carefully reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits within your computer, for the unmatched vibe of hardware at a fraction of the cost.   Downloadable demo now available! See links at top...
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Antares MUTATOR Evo MUTATOR Evo provides a combination of tools for creating unusual, weird, or downright wacky voices. With high-quality pitch shifting, throat modeling, pitch-tracking ring modulator-based “mutation,” and a mind-bending tempo-synced Alienization function, MUTATOR Evo is the perfect tool for unique special vocal effects and post-production sound...
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FXpansion Tremor FXpansion is proud to present Tremor: a software drum machine with powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing. DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with new ideas to produce original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of old-school analogue. Tremor's dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all...
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FabFilter Pro-Q 2 An equalizer is probably the tool you use most while mixing and mastering. That's why there are probably around 1001 EQ plug-ins available. But the strange thing is: most of them don't meet top quality standards by far! Most just lack sound quality and the ones that do sound okay, often have poorly designed interfaces that obstruct your workflow and creativity.   Now here's where...
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